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I get it.

To accept anything else is disrupting what we have been taught since elementary school. And that can be confusing and scary.

From kindergarten, we have been taught that in America, we are all equal. The only division we notice is the one between girls and boys or who gets to line up first. As we get older, we learn about slavery and then later the fight to end segregation. It’s uncomfortable, but we are soothed by our teachers telling us that, “Things are better now, we are all equal”. All through our schooling we also learn that…

My boyfriend Emmett and I, both in our late twenties and together for five years, were at a stage in our relationship where engagement was the obvious next step. I hinted at rings, he fielded questions from relatives, and small arguments tended to follow news of a close friend’s engagement. So when we were exchanging gifts together the day after Christmas, I couldn’t help but notice a gift in the shape of a ring box underneath the tree.

But I tried not to get my hopes up, as it had proved fruitless many times before. There was Paris last summer…

Photo by Amanda Dalbjörn on Unsplash

In seventh grade, my friends and I realized that we had to do something about our eyebrows. The year prior we had tackled the issue of leg hair, but now a new problem arose: the threat of the unibrow. We saw what happened to girls who had a unibrow — they were laughed at by immature middle-school boys and therefore demoted, indefinitely, to the bottom of the social ladder. So, on a rainy Friday afternoon, while my mom was at work, the three of us lined up in front of her bureau to assess the state of our brows. We…


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